A Civilized Society Does Not Kill Its Senior Citizens


As the coronavirus ramps up fear around the world, discussion of medical-care rationing (“death panels”) is back in the news.  The concept of death panels is an old favorite of authoritarian governments, particularly those on the Radical Left.  To most people, the idea of human beings deciding whether someone should live or die is repugnant, but to the Radical Left it’s a simple way to eliminate those it deems to be undesirable.

Democrat elites target the most vulnerable among us, those who have no means of defending themselves.  For at least a hundred years, dating back to eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the low-hanging fruit for bloodthirsty Democrats has been babies in the womb and the elderly.  Euphemisms like “reproductive health” and “a woman’s right to choose” are used to make the murder of unborn babies seem humane and reasonable.

As to the elderly, a civilized society does not kill its senior citizens.  It cherishes them for their wisdom and for lending their shoulders to future generations.  Every elderly person should be given everything he/she needs to be comfortable and to extend his/her life before a single dollar is spent on someone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

It’s not a matter of having anything against people from other countries.  Rather, it’s a matter of allocating scarce resources.  The Radical Left believes those resources should go to those whom it believes have their most productive years ahead of them, while civilized, compassionate people of goodwill believe those resources should go first to those who have already contributed their most productive years to society.

It is yet another example of why it’s not possible to heal the divide between true right and true left.  Republicans who rush to compromise with the Radical Left are not true to the conservative principles they claim to believe in, thus the moniker RINOs.  When they insist that the only way to get anything done in Washington is to compromise with the enemy, they are exposing their lack of principle.

This is how they decide in the UK

Plain and simple, to try to compromise between good and evil is, in itself, evil.  There is no compromise when it comes to protecting the lives of the elderly.

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