NYC frontline health workers speak off the record about the Coronavirus threat


The news is running stories about how awful the situation in New York is right now. Yet, something feels off about the predictions the experts were making. What is going on?

Project Veritas released the video above in their COVID-19 series featuring health and safety officials in New York City sharing their views on this pandemic. It’s not what most of us were expecting to hear, but it does answer that niggling feeling in the back of our minds that while tragic, deaths being counted as COVID-related, are fewer than we expected.

Over at the CDC, Dr. Death is busy with the opposite tactic. The one that whips us into panic and urges the President to shut down the economy for 10 or more weeks. Dr. Fauci has been in his position of D.C. power for decades. He is working with Bill Gates on his (different) coronavirus vaccines scheduled for release in November after the election. He has poo-pooed the President’s enthusiasm for HCQ (although he dialed his opposition back when he realized he was putting his job on the line.) He may be experienced but he is not the only voice that should be heeded during an economic meltdown.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo turned down an offer from Remington to make ventilators (because guns are bad) and ordered them from China instead. They’re delayed. The media is interviewing him around the clock as some sort of lifesaver. Why? Because Biden cannot be allowed to run against Trump in November and neither can Bernie Sanders. So they’re trying to build a hero. That plan didn’t work out for Romney and it won’t pass the smell test in the Rust Belt.

Meanwhile, I think the Twitter philosopher, Cat Turd has it about right. Most of us are much more worried about going bust than dying.