Hospital numbers lower than anticipated

Image: ER Check in. Before the storm or over-hyped?

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model cited by White House Coronavirus Task Force officials appears to dramatically overstate the hospitalization of patients with coronavirus in the United States when the model’s projections are compared to actual data, a Breitbart News analysis finds.

New data taken from multiple states’ health departments has revealed that actual hospitalizations for the coronavirus are much lower than projected.

Reports drew a comparison between the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation numbers and actual real time data, based on how many hospital beds were expected to be needed and how many are being used. According to the study, only 37 percent of beds are being used to treat patients in New York City.

This fits with my experience. Our local hospital is deserted. Yesterday’s report from NYC healthcare workers suggests that the huge anticipated extra demand for China virus beds never manifested itself (Thank God!), although the hospitals are busy and dealing with this vile virus and the deaths that it is hastening.

Many citizens have even taken to social media, using the hashtags ‘empty hospitals’ and ‘film your hospital,’ to expose apparent discrepancies involving the main stream media’s virus coverage and their personal experiences.

This is great news. Let’s hope they work out the data and plan to get us all back to work safely. Reports of serious infection from the China virus make grim reading. The lobes of the lungs fill with fluid and breathing is painful and difficult. Until we know more, let’s maintain social distancing. But please let the Administration and the states consider all alternatives to total lockdown. The economy is not an abstract idea. For most people when it stops, we stop. White collar, bourgeois workers can work remotely and shelter in place and are all very quick to judge people who leave their homes. But the heart and guts of the country need people on assembly lines, in food production, in the trades, etc. to keep us functioning. Let’s get us all back to work soon.

Immunity certificates

According to the British Daily Mail: Britain could roll out coronavirus ‘immunity wristbands’ and certificates for people who have already fought off the deadly infection under an antibody testing scheme. Once in the clear they can return to work and retire the economy. Maybe that’s an idea we should consider here?

There’s a good OANN piece here: Coronavirus hospitalizations lower than projected