Chinese racism – Is this the REAL reason they teach their people to hate black skin?


The Communist Chinese have been brainwashed not to like black people. Don’t believe me? Check out these cultural examples below. In the first a black man is “washed” white and in the other black faces are compared with animals.

Let’s make this clear – Chinese people are just as likely as us to be kind, decent people, but it’s hard to fight continuous brainwashing from an evil regime that’s busy making the upper echelons wealthy and powerful.

Now watch this video.

This woman is married to a black guy. She is very worried that the real reason the Chinese are brainwashing their billions of people is that their real goal is to colonize Africa and commit genocide on Africans. The Chinese are already deeply embedded throughout the continent mining, farming and generally vacuuming up resources. If this woman is correct, their end-goal is to eradicate Africans and take over the Continent.

She sounds a touch crazy.

But then you think to yourself. The Chinese Wuhan-originating virus has done more damage to the global economy than a world war. No one can beat the West’s armies. So why have a traditional war. Let’s go asymmetric.

BTW, I was shown all of this material by a guy in Nigeria. He’s worried.