Was this Congressman right about the bailout?


There was a lone standout in Congress when it came to a vote for the $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill. Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky tried to get a roll-call vote and failed. He didn’t think the bill should be passed in its form and he wanted to get the names of those who did on the record.

Instant abuse followed. “Masshole” being the most recent in the lexicon of abuse he regularly receives for so often being the voice of reason in a sea of emotion. He particularly opposed this bill, not because he hates American workers, but because he saw what so many could not: That it’s a handout for the rich, not the poor and needy. .

Massie argued that, “the biggest transfer of wealth in human history” deserved not only a recorded vote but also some transparency. He went on to say:

“The tragedy of this bill is it’s a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the moneyed class.”

“The rules for qualifying for the loans, though, were so loose that the program was opened up to many businesses and people who were not the intended recipients, which is one of the reasons the program hit its ceiling so fast,” NBC News reported Thursday. “It has become a huge benefit for private clubs, law firms, investment managers, and accounting firms that have the resources to complete their applications quickly. Some wealthy individuals have set up LLCs (limited liability companies), which technically qualify for the loans, and put their yachts and planes and personal staffs in the companies in order to qualify.”

As the Washington Examiner reports:  mom-and-pop restaurants battled to get their pieces of the $350 billion “Payback Protection Program,” large chain restaurants got them first.

The system is also lagging reality, everyone who paid taxes in 2018 or 2019 and would qualify on income is being counted and the dead are getting a check. Sadly, the hourly workers are starving while this happens.

Everyone wants to do a good thing and help out a fellow American. But what we really need now is a consensus – and some commonsense – and a massive reining in off the Swamp people.