Attorney General of Minnesota incites violence with terrorist blueprint – How to survive a Riot.


Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota is seen here posing with a book that condones violence.

The Democratic congressman posted a photo on Twitter on May 27 posing with the book “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” The book calls violence during “a small though vital sliver of anti-fascist activity.”

Then he said this:

If you’re following the news from Minnesota you probably saw that the police arrested a black hispanic CNN reporter while he was broadcasting on air!

You were presumably outraged by the death of George Floyd. We all were. But instead of using the universal outrage to make the authorities clean up their act – elements of the community and many Antifa agents from outside the state – went on the rampage and acted so poorly we began to lose sympathy with their righteous cause.

So here is how you should put together a Riot Survival Plan.