Hypocrites- Blue State Mayors who ignored their own stay-at-home orders


My personal favorite as I’m cursed with him as my governor: Ol’ “Was I the Blackface or the KKK guy?” Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia.

Virginia imposed some of the tightest and longest restrictions on businesses and gatherings (not abortion clinics, though). Northam – who brags that as a doctor he is uniquely qualified to set these rules – is seen here flouting all of them.

Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks at Portland, Oregon protest

Mayor Steve Adler, Austin, Texas

He has a rising infection level in his very blue town and has been strict on lockdown protocols – outright banning large gatherings – ahem!

Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania

Tom, you should have known better – the max for social gatherings is 25 – you should know, you issued the order.

Democrat Mayor Riley Hill, Ontario, Oregon

Image: The Mayor of Ontario turned out at a BLM protest with substantially more than the 25 people permitted to gather under his coronavirus restrictions.

Gov. Phil Murphy, New Jersey

In New Jersey you can’t get a haircut until June 22nd but apparently you can protest if the Governor agrees with your grievance.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles, California

Not content with taking a knee in a crowd, Garcetti decided to announce his cuts to the LAPD’s budget, while disdaining the social distancing he’s forced on everyone else.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan

Before we consider her lack of social distancing here. Let’s look at the cover shot on her Facebook page.

Whitmer has led the nation in “Karen” like restrictions and petty rule-making, deciding that seeds aren’t “essential”, for instance.

And by association: Husband of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan, Marc Mallory

No one seems to like Gretchen very much. She’s a tyrant with resting bitch face. On Memorial Day her husband tried to get away from her and take his boat out of its marina. When rebuked, he pulled the “do you know who my wife is?” card. This despite Michigan being in the depths of the pandemic and her calls to stay at home and off the roads.