UN’s Top Children’s Rights Officer Convicted Of Raping Children


The United Nations was created for well-intentioned reasons following WWII. It was designed to keep the peace. And as with the path to Hell, these good intentions kept repaving. Like all unelected bureaucratic organizations it grew, and as it grew, its mission creep engulfed the environment, the family, the world’s banking system, – all with one aim: One World Government.

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I am dedicated to the total shutdown of the United Nations. It’s unaccountability is unacceptable. Read this. It’s the top guy dedicated to protecting children. (Article link here.)

“First, sexual exploitation and abuse is not a problem of peacekeeping, it is a problem of the entire United Nations. Contrary to the information spreading that this is a question related to our peacekeeping operations, it is necessary to say that the majority of the cases of sexual exploitation and abuse are done by the civilian organizations of the United Nations, and not in peacekeeping operations.” 

18 September 2017 Secretary-General’s address to High-Level Meeting on the United Nations Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Go to Heartheircries.org to read more about the victims, many of whom are children and that the above numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. This must stop. 


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