Trump warns Epstein’s island a ‘cesspool’ in 2015


We’re going to hear a great deal about the Epstein’s island, the famous people that went there and the crimes that took place inside the USVI. The recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend who is accused of helping him sexually abuse underage girls, could incriminate “very well-known” people, said Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims. Giuffre called Maxwell “the mastermind” behind the alleged sex trafficking.

Here are two clips from an Australian documentary you probably haven’t seen.

The day before Epstein died he agreed to a plea deal for a shorter sentence where he would name other individuals involved in these legal activities. He also surrendered his black book of contacts which had the names of some A-list celebrities. Whether or not these celebrities visited his “Island of Sin” remains to be confirmed, but he did have their full name, addresses and private phone numbers. More here.

Epstein is believed to have filmed the crimes and used them as blackmail. The reason I am covering this disgusting crime is as Americans, we need to know who involved and who is covering up. Several influential political figures have been named – they are the ones we must investigate. Hollywood is a cesspool and we expect no better than this depravity from its seedy ranks but politicians are a different matter, they SHOULD be above suspicion. The Left has already tried to link Trump to Epstein instead of focusing on Bill Clinton. But, in Trump’s defense, there is this:

FACT CHECK, NETFLIX: Court Docs Prove, Trump Barred Epstein From Mar-a-Lago Over Sexual Assault The filing is dated April 2011, well before Trump ascended to the presidency.