LIGHTFOOT: “Law & Order for me, not for thee.”


Mayor Lori Lightfoot had ensured that protestors are unable to demonstrate on the block where she lives. She explained that she, her wife and and home require heightened security because of threats she receives daily. Note she has instructed the Chicago PD to protect her – not a team of social workers! The hypocrisy is off the scale – they truly believe they are better than regular people.

Meanwhile the rest of Chicago has to take its lumps. Lightfoot seriously thinks she’s more important than everyone else. Remember how she had a haircut while Chicago was closed under COVID lockdown?

Meanwhile, a week ago, sick kids and their families, more than 30 groups in all, cowered in fear inside a Chicago Ronald McDonald House as looters smashed the front door while trying to get inside. Ariel Atkins, a Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer, cheered the looting, calling it a “reparation.” The mayor called the attack “disheartening.”

Here is another attack on Chicago’s “Magnificant Mile” – where the police were massively outnumbered.