Kenosha, WI is imploding. Eye Witness Reports: Shots Fired!


Warning: Graphic and Violent

Kenosha protests turned deadly two nights ago as at least three people were shot, including two fatally. A crowd rushed this young man (17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse who is from Illinois and has previous firearm violations has been arrested) running away with a gun, he trips and starts shooting at those trying to apprehend him. Watch on You Tube here.

The town imploded.

This mayhem followed the shooting of a black man, 29-year old Jacob Black, by a police officer. (Video here. ) Black apparently had his children with him. Allegedly, there is also a warrant out for his arrest for rape. When you watch the video you might imagine that his marching around the vehicle to reach inside while ignoring police orders to stand still could be construed as trying to access a weapon. He was unarmed although reports now confirmed state he had a knife in the car. Black Lives Matter were swift to respond and now Kenosha looks like Fallujah.

The accusations are flying back and forth. But one thing is for sure, regular people and businesses are again suffering.

And now, we discover that this “peaceful protestor” shot in the arm by Rittenhouse was not actually holding a cellphone – but a pistol.