We need conservatives to grow a pair and demand #StopSoros laws like Hungary’s.


Michelle Malkin is on a tear against Soros. Here she lists the organizations he supports here in America.

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THREAD: #FollowTheMoney Soros A-Team: AbolishICE, Antifa & Sanctuary Anarchists. 

This is a compilation of Open Society Foundation-funded groups/grantees tied to #anarchotyranny in America.

All info comes from #OpenBordersInc. Bookmark & share. You won’t see this on Fox News.

#1 – Center for Popular Democracy
#2 – Make the Road 

These intertwined groups share millions in Soros funds & anti-Trump resistance organizers, incl. Kavanaugh hearing disrupters, ACORN alumni, and illegal alien mobs. /1 #3 – Bend the Arc (Jewish SJW group established by Soros’ son, Alexander)
#4 – CREDO Action

These Soros street agitators collaborated w/Metro Democratic Socialists of America to harass Trump officials at their homes & restaurants–tactics employed by BLM/Antifa.


#5 Center for Community Change
#6 Color of Change
#7 Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Identity politics, pro-criminal non-profits that support Black Lives Matter. Lawyers’ Committee has sued on behalf of rioters in Lafayette Square.

/3 #8 – Southern Poverty Law Center
#9 – Media Matters for America
#10 – Hope Not Hate
#11 – Center for Media Justice

Soros speech-squelchers and manufacturers of “hate” who defame all of us who dare to expose their funding, tactics & lies.

/4 #12 -American Immigration Lawyers Association
#13 -Dilley Pro Bono Project
#14 -Catholic Legal Immigration Network
#15 -American Civil Liberties Union
#16 -Immigrant Legal Resource Center
#17 -National Immigration Law Center
#18 -Unidos US (aka National Council of La Raza)


#19 – Transgender Law Center
#20 – National LBGTQ Task Force
#21 – Ultraviolet
#21 – MomsRising
#21 – Mijente

“Intersectional” “pro-queer,” feminist SJW community organizers supporting BLM, Antifa, and Abolish ICE.

/6 #22-Columbia Global Policy Initiative 
#23-Central European University’s School of Public Policy
European Program on Integration and Migration
#24-Georgetown Law School -International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative
#25-Global Coalition on Migration 
#26-Alianza Americas 

/7 #27-International Catholic Migration Commission
#28-Platform for Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants 
#29-Global Forum on Migration & Development 
#30-International Detention Coalition 
#31-Sin Fronteras
#32-Migration Policy Institute 
#34-Amnesty International


Soros-funded DAs:
#35-Larry Krasner, Philly
#36-Chesa Boudin, San Francisco
#37-Raul Torrez, Albuquerque 
#38-Kimberly Gardner, St. Louis
#39-Kim Foxx, Cook County IL
#40-Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County MA
#41-Diane Becton, Contra Costa County CA
#42-Kim Ogg, Harris County TX

/9 More Soros-funded DAs:
#43-James Stewart, Caddo Parish, La.
#44-Buta Biberaj, Loudon County, VA
#45-Steve Descano, Fairfax County VA
#46-Jim Hingeley, Albemarle County VA
#47-Parisa Dehghani-Tafti, Arlington County VA

/10 More Soros-funded DAs:
#48-José Garza, Travis County TX
#49-Delia Garza, Travis County TX
#50-Scott Colom, Lowndes County, Miss.
#51-Robert Shuler Smith, Hinds County, Miss. (stepped down 2019)

/11 And that’s just the tip of the SorosWorld iceberg.

Instead of crapping their pants when people dare to connect the Soros dots, we need conservatives to grow balls and demand #StopSoros laws like Hungary’s*.


* Hungary passed what the government dubbed the “Stop Soros” law, named after Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. The new law, drafted by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, creates a new category of crime, called “promoting and supporting illegal migration” — essentially, banning individuals and organizations from providing any kind of assistance to undocumented immigrants. Right now this law is being challenged in the EU courts.

It also passed the NGO law, which was passed in 2017, required NGOs that took 20,500 euros or more a year from overseas to register all foreign donations above 1,500 euros with the government, which shared the information online in order to make foreign funding of so-called “civil society” groups more transparent. According to the European Court of Justice, the NGO law is discriminatory and unjustifiably restricts both the NGOs and those who donate to them. The court cited the EU principle of the Free Movement of Capital as well as claiming the NGO law violated privacy and the right to respect for private life, Die Welt reports. The law was largely seen to be aimed at the network of NGOs that receive funding from left-liberal Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, who Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly criticised, saying he wishes to flood Europe with millions of illegal migrants. Breitbart