Obama hands out phone number – asks you to text him


The Democrats are panicking about the level of enthusiasm for ordinary Democrat voters. Joe “Groundhog” Biden is leading the way with an almost invisible campaign (41 days to Election day and we still have to see Kamala Harris answer a press conference) and the local Democrat organizers are reporting a distinct lack of fervor. In Florida, for instance, voter registrations for Republicans have gone on much as normal, while Dem activists have locked down, and the voter registration gap has closed to make the ground operators and the DNC very nervous about the state.

Enter Barack Obama. Yesterday he attempted to juice the Dem campaign with a call to “text him” on a Chicago number. He’s the only person they have with a glimmer of vitality and sanity and this is a Hail Mary pass to engage.

Here’s the number: 773-365-9687 in case you want to let him know “how you’re doing.”