The NYT Report on Trump’s Taxes Not the “Bombshell” They Think It Is


This latest “bombshell” from the MSM is predictable. Throwing dirt at Trump on the day of the Biden debate was to be expected. Illegally reproducing his tax returns is an extreme move as it’s a federal crime but the Left is desperate. And no one seems to understand that the way property investment is conducted is by debt and debt-financing. The tax is paid when the property is sold. Every equity gain (when the property goes up in value) is used to secure more debt to purchase more property. Debt doesn’t incur tax. Profits do. Legitimate expenses such as depreciation and maintenance can be claimed on your tax return. Rental income is also included. The difference is taxed. Look at this example.

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Posted by Bill Boyd on Monday, September 28, 2020

And who made the tax deferral possible? That’s right a straight Dem vote. The House of Representatives makes tax law. The President follows it.

Meanwhile over at the New York Times, the criminal enterprise that released these federally protected documents, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black: