VIDEO: Joe Biden Exposed SEAL TEAM SIX Says Grieving Father


Watch these Navy SEAL Team VI families and other family members as they reveal the Obama Administrations culpability in death of their sons in the fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan following the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound.

These families claim that back in 2011 Joe Biden outed SEAL Team 6 as the heroes of the Osama Bin Laden raid in Pakistan. The 16 members of SEAL Team 6 were slaughtered by the Taliban in an attack soon after Biden’s gaffe.

On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.

On May 9th, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., three families of Navy SEAL Team 6 Special Forces servicemen, and one family of an Army National Guardsman, appeared to disclose information. The information they shared, never before revealed, was about the mission known as Extortion 17, which took the lives of their sons on 6 August, 2011 in Afghanistan. Most likely, you have not heard the information shared that day, because most of the media failed to cover it.

This is an overview of the issues the families and others raised at the National Press Club event in May from Boomerleann:

1. President Obama and Vice President Biden disclosed on May 4, 2011, that Navy SEALs carried out the successful raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, resulting in the master terrorist’s death. In later also revealing that it was specifically SEAL Team 6, a retaliatory target was put on the backs of the fallen heroes.
2. High-level military officials sent the Navy SEAL Team 6 heroes into battle, without Special Operations aviation and proper air support.
3. How and why middle-level military brass carried out too many ill-prepared missions, in order to boost their standing with top-level military brass and the Commander-in-Chief, so that they could be promoted.
4. How the military restricts Special Operations servicemen, and others, from engaging in timely return fire, when fired upon by the Taliban, and other terrorist groups and interests, thus jeopardizing the lives of the SEALs, and all of those sent into battle.
5. How and why the denial of requested pre-assault fire may have contributed to the shoot down, and deaths, of the Navy SEAL Team 6 helicopter, and all those on board.
6. Afghani forces accompanying the Navy SEAL Team 6 members on the helicopter were not properly vetted. Those Afghani forces possibly disclosed classified information to the Taliban about the mission, resulting in the shoot down of the helicopter.
7. Military brass, while prohibiting any mention of a Judeo-Christian God, invited a Muslim cleric to the funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team 6 heroes. The cleric disparaged, in Arabic, the memory of these heroes by damning them as infidels to Allah. A video of the Muslim cleric’s “prayer” was shown, with a certified translation.

Just as Benghazi has all but been swept under the carpet, Extortion 17 has been virtually ignored. This display of censorship is an insult to every red blooded American who cares about our warriors and our future.

As Americans, we must demand answers and accountability for what occurred in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 38 people. Some of our country’s most elite warriors perished that night. Their families, and all of us, deserve justice.

Complete video of the National Press Club meeting regarding Extortion 17, and speeches of the Navy SEALs’ family members, and others, in their entirety, can be found at: