Bloomberg floods AZ & NC with cash for down ballot offices


A climate change group funded by former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is spending over $4.5 million to back Democratic candidates in North Carolina and Arizona races. 

The Beyond Carbon Victory Fund announced it was taking out ads in support of Yvonne Lewis Holley for lieutenant governor of North Carolina against Republican challenger Mark Robinson. The group is also supporting Anna Tovar and Bill Mundell for the Arizona Corporation Commission, the group that regulates the state’s utilities.

Beyond Carbon is a leftist a plan to shut down traditional energy sources and replace them with alternatives which have yet to be proved efficient or economic. Its Beyond Carbon Victory Fund is working in key states across the country to help elect “climate champions” who following their election in 2020 will push the country towards a 100 percent “clean energy economy.” And undoubtably remain in political debt to the tyrannical Bloomberg.

The group will spend $2 million in North Carolina through Oct. 19 to air television ads, and $32,000 on radio ads. It’ll also spend $431,000 in digital and programmatic ads that will run this week.

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