Let the cheating commence!


In nearly 40 states, election officials check the signatures on the ballot envelopes that voters send back against the ones on file — usually from voter registration forms or motor vehicle departments. A handful of states require voters to fill out their ballot in front of a witness, who must also sign. 

If a signature doesn’t appear to match, or the necessary signatures are missing, what happens next depends on the state — and even the county — a voter lives in. Some states require county election officials to give the voter a chance to verify their identity or fix a mistake; others don’t, and their ballots are tossed out.

The Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans filed a lawsuit on Friday, Oct. 23rd requesting the state court block the counting of early voting ballots “until the proper procedures are in place.”

According to the lawsuit, the Trump campaign, the Nevada Republican Party, and a registered voter asked the state’s Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Republican, and a Clark County, Nevada voting official to temporarily block the counting of ballots to “protect the integrity of the 2020 election.”

The lawsuit claims the Clark County registrar did not have a “written plan” for how the public could observe the processing of ballots at polling locations and that the county “intentionally lowered the tolerance number” of a sorting matching that matches signatures for mail-in-ballots with those on file so that it would decrease the number rejected.