Dominion Voting & Soros – Is this another connection?


The website Rebel News who chased down this story about the Soros-funded Tides Foundation/Canada (now called Make Way) gives an update:

“After publication of this news story, Tides Canada contacted Rebel News by email. They state they moved out of the office building at 215 Spadina Avenue last year, although their name remains in the building door entry system and on the building’s directory of tenants.

Tides Canada also told Rebel News that they do not receive or disburse “cash” from George Soros. In fact, the Tides Foundation (the parent of Tides Canada) has received more than $22 million from Soros foundations.

Watch Keean Bexte as he visits the Toronto headquarters of Dominion Voting Systems to try and ask some questions about the organization’s involvement in the 2020 American election.

FULL REPORT from Keean Bexte: