Let’s put the Capitol Hill Riot in Perspective – and then let’s move on.



Yesterday, a young woman made history. Here name is Ashli Babbit and she is a 14-year veteran of the Air Force from San Diego. On Twitter she went by CommonAshSense (@Ashli_Babbitt) where her account is mostly retweets of staunch conservatives and Donal Trump supporters. In a TV interview yesterday her husband said that his wife had served four tours, and was a “high-level security officer” throughout her service. Her husband described her as a “strong supporter of President Trump, and a great patriot to all who knew her.”

She was shot by authorities while protesting. The video of it happening is posted at the foot of this article. It is graphic, tragic and upsetting so please do not look if you are of a sensitive disposition. Ashli Babbit later passed away in hospital as a result of this gunshot.

While it’s obvious she was wrong to have been there, being shot for protesting is very rare. Just one BLM/Antifa protestor has been killed by police in all their violent clashes during 2020, and he was armed and carrying three weapons.

While the events of yesterday are being spun up to besmirch the character of every person who ever supported Trump as well as all the attendees of the Trump rally in DC, the evidence supports the theory that the event was infiltrated by rogue elements. Possibly Antifa, most definitely thugs, these people suggest this could have been a preplanned trap. This man claims he was paid to come and disturb events.

In fact, the Trump supporters to a very large extent walked away from the Capitol, there are many news reports with them exiting the Elipse or standing around looking confused. In this video, the Trump crowd is trying to stop thugs they suspect to be Antifa breaking in to the Capitol.

The media was mostly silent about the 2020 BLM protests and regularly described them falsely as “peaceful”. When it got out of hand, the MSM would rush to their defense as here, where CNN’s Chris Cuomo says: “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

Violence on both sides is bad. But we didn’t hear anything out of Biden or Harris’ mouth all summer as our cities were burning down. In fact, Kamala Harris, our new Vice President Elect said this earlier in the year in regard to the BLM/Antifa riots: “This is a movement.” “They’re not going to stop before Election Day and they’re not going to let up after.” “They’re not gonna let up and we should not.”

Yesterday was the moment the Left and the MSM were waiting for. The day Trump got it badly wrong. They will use this day to berate us. They will use it to tarnish the record of an exceptional president. In their minds this event will put an end to the investigations into election fraud, the Biden family, the Steele Dossier, the China collusion, the Russia collusion, the Clinton emails, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the Epstein investigation. They can go back to doing DC deals with mega-corporations and foreign governments. It will be Swamp business as usual.

The ruling party will feel they have the moral high ground. Look out for packing the Supreme Court (I bet Joe Biden nominates an Obama in an epic troll of the Right), statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, socialized medicine, confiscation of firearms, the list goes on and on. Check out this Biden/Harris manifesto analysis by the ever-brilliant P.J. O’Rourke here:

Trump supporters are wounded and sad now. Their day in the sun is over. How they get up and move on is what will determine American politics for a generation.

But for now. Let us take a rest from politics while we let the dust settle and the power players realign.

God Bless America.

These videos are very disturbing. They show the moment Ashli Babbit takes a bullet. She passed away a few hours later in hospital.