House to take up DC statehood, Dems deny power grab


The House is looking at the concept of granting statehood to Washington, DC. Amazingly, the Democrats deny it’s a power grab of any sort! The founder of the Douglass County, Maryland movement explains what is happening politically and how his idea for retrocession into Maryland is a solid alternative.

Quote from an incredible article in the UK Spectator on the subject of the Democrats decline:

Joe Biden had no coat-tails in 2020, even though he won 12 million more votes than Obama did in 2008. The 81 million who voted for him — or against Donald Trump — didn’t give Democrats a majority in the Senate, and Republicans actually made gains in the House. Do Puerto Rico or Washington, DC have a better case for statehood today than they had in 2009? What changed? Nothing about PR or DC, but everything for the Democrats. 

The party is dying because it has a demographic problem. Long after the culturally revolutionary New Left had carved its way into what was once a working-class party, bringing not only acid, amnesty and abortion but yuppie economics and new strains of identity politics, voters in what are now red states could still feel a connection to the party of FDR or JFK.