How Kamala Harris is Handling the Border Crisis


Since being placed in charge of the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris has been mostly missing in action.

But now we know exactly how she intends to handle the overflowing mass of illegal aliens currently swarming over our southern border

The New York Post reports :

Unaccompanied migrant kids brought from the U.S.-Mexico border to a new shelter in Long Beach, Calif., will be given a copy of her 2019 children’s book, “Superheroes are Everywhere,” in their welcome kits.

It’s a tidy little scheme for the Vice President who gets sales for her “book” and puts her name out among all the new voters she and the Biden Administration are creating.

Seriously? Democrats accused President Donald Trump of cashing in his office for personal gain and nothing was ever proven. But Breaking 911 suggests it’s the Administration (and our tax dollars) that’s buying these books for the “welcome pack!”

Having crossed the border illegally, perhaps at the mercy of human traffickers, now these children are forced into the worst indignity . . . reading Kamala Harris. Really, aren’t these children suffering enough?