John Kerry – Leaked audio reveals betrayal of key ally

Image: John Kerry is, and always has been, a close friend of Iran. Screengrab Twitter

Now U.S. Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry denied allegations that while he was serving as secretary of state under Barack Obama he informed the Iranian foreign minister of Israeli operations in Syria.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry informed Iran’s foreign minister about covert Israeli operations against the Islamic Republic in Syria, according to a report. 

In a leaked audiotape, Javad Zarif said Kerry informed him that Tel Aviv attacked Iranian interests at least 200 times, The New York Times reported. Zarif said he was astonished by the revelation.

In a Twitter post, Kerry called the claims – detailed in leaked audio obtained by several media outlets – ‘unequivocally false.’

The response was swift and brutal;

Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska said Kerry needs to go.

“In my entire time in the Senate, I’ve never called for anyone’s resignation. But his record, John Kerry’s record, of undermining working families and working against American national security interests was too much to bear,” said Sullivan.

Sen. Ted Cruz also had a go at him.

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