More weather events hurt global agriculture. Hail size of Bricks!


We all saw the German floods. Now more heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Western Europe, this time in northern Italy. Heavy rainfall raced down slopes around Lake Como, triggering landslides and flash floods on the communities below. The communes of Cernobbio, Brienno, Laglio and Argegno in Como Province, Lombardy Region were the worst affected. Homes were damaged and roads completely blocked. Lombady is the number one agricultural zone in Italy, responsible for 69% of all Italian agro-food production.

No other industry is more at the mercy of sun, rain, heat and cold than agriculture, where changes in the weather can upend a farmer’s fortunes overnight. What’s unique right now is that extreme weather seems to be pounding every key growing region of the globe, simultaneously. This year, as the Grand Solar Minimum fully kicks into gear, extreme weather events are hitting multiple regions simultaneously — from ravaging frosts in South America, to a ‘year without a spring’ in Europe, to historic flooding across China. The effects will be real. Right now the Food Price Index from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization is rising 34% year on year. That’s terrible for us and catastrophic for poor countries like Yemen, Sudan and Lebanon. Expect war, famine – and even here and in Europe – rationing of certain food items. You must prep. Now.

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