CDC Nationalizes Rental Properties & Sets-up Take Over of Property by Banks And Elites


A nationwide eviction moratorium officially expired last Saturday after the Biden administration could not extend it because of a SCOTUS ruling, and Congress failed to act in time. There was an immediate scramble by the Democrats to paste over their errors by having the CDC issue an edict extending the no-eviction policy. One that is utterly without power.

White House Supports The CDC To Suspend Evictions And To Ignore US Supreme Court Ruling That Said These Measures Are Unconstitutional

The owners of rental properties are not all mega corps. Many are regular people who are unable to sell a property in their market or may use it for a supplemental income. These people have been unfairly targeted by the government (classic communist move) for owning this capital during the pandemic by mandating that tenants who fail to pay rent cannot be evicted. The property owners are defaulting on mortgages. These properties are being snapped up by banks, big corporations and wealthy property owners. In short, the massive transfer of wealth from th middle-class to the elites is being rushed through on the tails of the pandemic. Why doesn’t the Left like rentals? Because it doesn’t meet its primary goal, the elimination of private property.

Nancy Pelosi was expected to extend the moratorium on rental evictions but failed to secure enough support before she dismissed Congress and sent them home for the summer. Joe Biden was hamstrung from issuing a proclamation by the inconvenient SCOTUS ruling that held the Executive Branch could not declare and unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

So what did they do? They got the CDC extend the eviction moratorium. As Tucker says: “It’s hard to overstate what a momentous change this is.”