The great Iv*rm*ctin hoax


You may have seen articles about the Nobel-prize winning drug, Ivermectin. Rolling Stone, that noted organ of record had a barnstormer. All about how Oklahoma hospitals can’t take regular patients because people are overdosing on cow wormer. Sounds awful. And other states followed with their own harrowing tales.

Trouble is it was all absolutely false. An example of what is known as “informational flooding” – an online propaganda technique.

Furthermore, in a statement issued September 5, 2021, Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah reported that no patients had been treated for Ivermectin overdose. Indeed no patients were treated for any complications of taking Ivermectin – and no gunshot wound patients or otherwise had been turned away from seeking emergency care.

Rolling Stone was forced to publish a retraction of sorts, a correction to their report, wherein they stated the truth of the matter was the opposite. Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah informed them that Dr. Jason McElyea, although affiliated with them, had not worked in the Sallisaw location in the last two months. 

So why did it happen. Read this article: The great Ivermectin deworming hoax . But as we all suspected there is swamp cronyism at work here protecting Big Pharma, the World Health Organisation and its downstream friends. In fact, Ivermectin is used every day for human scabies and is not confined to animals any more than penicillin is purely an animal antibiotic. The doctors of Botswana have rallied against the message that Ivermectin is dangerous and prescribe it to great effect. It is the recommended cure in India where cheap drugs carry much more clout.

The author ends his article:

We may not be able to do much about poisonous informational flooding, but we can all recognize it when it occurs by the sheer number of copycat stories. We can usually see who or what is behind it and boycott those groups UNLESS it is our own government agency, in which case we need to vote for some different people who will reform it. Like Henry Waxman reformed Big Tobacco, someone needs to reform our agencies before we lose more American lives.

Until we end the Regulatory Capture of the US Food and Drug Administration and its Big Brother, Centers for Disease Control, we can continue to expect more of the same: expensive, dangerous, and marginally effective drug approvals. And a smokescreen on anything cheap that actually works.

Dr. Justus R. Hope, writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.