UPDATE: Biden-Harris Blocked Drones over Border – Local Police and CBP Responded!

AF Branco: Operation Superspreader

UPDATES: Drone Back up and Police Flick the Finger to Biden

BREAKING: CBP announces that they will temporarily close the Del Rio port of entry and all traffic will be re routed from Del Rio to Eagle Pass, which is 57 miles to the east. This, as around 11,000 migrants are currently camped out beneath the international bridge. This is adversely affecting legal workers who live in Mexico and work in border hotels in the US as they can no longer get to work safely.

The Local Police were having none of it! Tool reporter up in their Helo!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instituted a two-week flight restriction over the city of Del Rio, Texas, late Thursday — preventing Fox News from operating a drone that it had been using to capture images of thousands of migrants sheltering under a bridge as they wait to be picked up by Border Patrol.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was in Del Rio Thursday night, slammed the restriction as “ridiculous” and said he had “never seen anything like that.” 

“The drone footage started this morning, and people across the country were horrified, and I guess the political operatives at the Biden White House saw that and decided the last thing they want is Fox News actually reporting on what’s happening down here,” he said.

Cruz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the scene under the bridge was “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen. Right now, as we’re speaking, there are 10,503 people under that bridge. It is packed in as a mass of humanity. The scope of it, until you see it … it just goes on and on and on. Infants, little children, people struggling enormously.”

Branco suggests what the White House plan is for these people. It might backfire, after seeing how useless the Democrats are it might remind them of the Communist regimes they fear in Latin America and may point them towards the GOP. At least Trump had a plan. Border Czar Kamala Harris is NOWHERE to be seen.

The FAA’s website said the temporary flight restriction (TFR) over the Del Rio Port of Entry and the International Bridge was put in place for “special security reasons,” but did not elaborate.FAA Instruction here.