Biden owes IRS $500K – Can Hunter paint fast enough to pay it off?


Republicans say a new nonpartisan report from the Congressional Research Service indicates Biden improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office — raising eyebrows and the possibility that he owes the IRS as much as $500,000 in back taxes.

Updated Memorandum – IRS Au… by stevennelson10

The question remains: How will he pay his back taxes? Will he just write a check from his account containing the millions of dollars he and Dr. Jill amassed while he was a Senator for over 40 years? Or will he call in a favor from his son, “the smartest person I know”, Hunter Biden, the famous artist.

Hunter’s paintings are so fabulous, apparently, that the art dealer Georges Bergès has set up two private exhibits for wealthy collectors where one of his paintings will be priced between $75k to $500k. Shouldn’t;t take long to pay down Daddy’s Medicare.

Fun Fact: Georges Bergès was accused of defrauding an investor of $500,000 in a 2016 lawsuit. In 1998, he served 90 days in jail and 36 months probation for assault with a deadly weapon and making terrorist threats. Nice to see that Hunter is in good company.