How much will Biden’s Driving Tax cost you? (Oh, and you’ll be tracked like a dolphin.)


They’re serious! The war on ordinary people being able to travel is ON! Remember we’ve been talking about the World Economic Form run by the sinister Klauss Schwab? Of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030? Both Great Reset entities are trying to screw the workers and little guys so only the uber rich can own land, drive, fly etc. This is the first move on the US car owner.

The bill specifically notes that this mileage information can be tracked (spied) via third-party OBD-II devices, OEM-collected telematic data, information from insurance companies (that device that tracks whether you’re a good driver?), a smartphone app, or “any other method that [Secretary of Transportation] considers appropriate.” How this isn’t a Fourth Amendment violation I guess we’ll have to ask the Supreme Court.