VIDEO Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Night of Incident


On Tuesday, opening statements in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old aspiring police officer accused of f*tally sh*oting two men and wounding a third on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, as BLM raged in the streets of Kenosha in response to a police shooting. Kyle had been hired to look after a business and additionally, he was offering medical care/first aid to anyone injured in the riot.

The FBI surveilled Kyle Rittenhouse by drone during the night of the sh*oting in Kenosha and they covered up the video for over a year until Human Events obtained it.

While prosecutors have slapped the teen with two counts of h*micide and one count of attempted h*micide, Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming self-defense.

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The Attack on Kyle Ritttenhouse from FreeKyleusa

11:42 PM

  • Kyle walks north from Ultimate Gas Station and tries to make his way back to CarSource 1 (the business he was helping) but he is blocked by a line of police vehicles.
  • Police order Kyle to get away thereby preventing him from leaving the area.

See the map below for additional context.

11:45 PM

  • Kyle receives a call asking him to put out a car fire at CarSource #2 (same business owner, second location)
  • Kyle picks up a fire extinguisher from Ultimate Gas Station and runs approximately three blocks south to extinguish the fire.

11:48 PM

  • Joseph Rosenbaum sprints ahead of Kyle and hides between two parked cars waiting for Kyle to pass.
  • Kyle arrives at the CarSource 2 location with a fire extinguisher in hand.
  • Bystanders begin calling for others to attack Kyle.
  • Kyle yells “friendly, friendly, friendly”

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11:48 PM

(The following events took place in less than 10 seconds)

  • Kyle reaches the vehicle on fire but abruptly stops when he encounters a 6”5’ man brandishing a handgun named Joshua Ziminski.
  • Joshua Ziminski confronts Kyle and moves towards him aggressively with his handgun.
  • Kelly Ziminski, Joshua Ziminski’s wife, begins pointing at Kyle and shouts “get him”
  • Bystanders are yelling threats and carrying eight-foot steel poles.
  • Kyle looks over his shoulder and sees a man rushing towards him with his face covered – that man is Joseph Rosenbaum
  • Kyle drops the fire extinguisher and begins to flee from Ziminski and Rosenbaum’s attack.

11:48 PM


  • As Kyle is fleeing he turns around briefly when Joseph Rosenbaum threw something at him but Kyle did NOT fire. Kyle turned back around and kept fleeing.
  • For no reason at all, Joshua Ziminski fired his handgun as Kyle was fleeing from Joseph Rosenbaum.
  • Kyle thought he was being shot at so he turned around to find the masked Joseph Rosenbaum inches from him yelling “f**k you” and grabbing for his weapon.