Rapper Slays Christmas Revelers – Soros-sponsored DA behind Bail for Felons


The Christmas parade in Waukesha – a community of about 72,000 people – is held every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and includes fancy dress, dancers and marching bands. This year’s theme was “comfort and joy”. However, the joy soon turned into tragedy after a man drove his red Ford Escape into the celebrating crowd in Waukesha killing five and injuring 40. Out of respect we are not showing video of the shocking murders. It is easily found on other platforms.

Swiftly identified as Milwaukee man Darrell E. Brooks, a rapper who performs under the pseudonym Mathboi Fly, it was also discovered he has a number of open felony cases against him and was released from Milwaukee County jail on $1,000 bail earlier last week.

Looking for another villain? Here’s Soros-affiliated Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm bragging about abolishing bail and congratulating other Soros DAs.

A Twitter user claimed that the suspect has been identified as  has “25 different mugshots from multiple states,” however, the police has not yet identified or named the suspect. The SUV driver reportedly has a long rap sheet. He’s an admitted child sex trafficker, a registered sex offender, and a domestic abuser. Brooks is in police custody right now and people on social media are pointing to an alleged old Facebook account of his where he allegedly spoke about “knocking White people off.”

A now deleted post

 Brooks has a lengthy arrest history can be accessed here.

and here comes the deafening silence from the MSM know they now the perp is black