Jordan Peterson Predicted EXACTLY What’s Happened


0:00 – If Google Were Honest About the Year in Search

1:54 – Jordan Peterson Predicted EXACTLY What’s Happened

13:52 – If America Is Racist, Why Are So Many Nonwhites Coming & Succeeding?

20:51 – Are Rocket Scientists & Brain Surgeons Smarter than Us?

28:55 – Mike Rowe: Don’t Follow Your Passion

47:30 – W&A React to Google’s “Year In Search 2021”

Will & Amala react to a viral clip from Jordan Peterson’s first appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2018 where he predicted how tyranny would happen. They then look this year’s Google’s annual “Year in Search” video, pausing & reacting every time Google does something woke. We also look back at a classic PragerU video by Mike Rowe and discuss why so many nonwhites are coming to America despite the narrative that it’s a racist country.