Are WE to blame? Two of the smartest men on the planet explain what’s going on right now


If you are genuinely confused by the reason the Ukraine war is the center of the world’s attention and know little about its recent history: Russia annexing Crimea in 2014; its brutal battles in the Moscow-controlled rebel republics of Donetsk and Luhansk; its economic importance to Europe; its exclusion from NATO and the EU, you need to watch both of these videos. Neil Oliver is Scottish, Peter Hitchens is English and for whatever reason they have come to prominence at a time of great discord, and shred rational thoughts with every utterance.

As usual we are getting a battering of main stream media from the US, Russia and Ukraine. None of these countries have a great record for truth telling. Ask yourself, how much “true” news have we seen so far? There has been a lot of urban myths (the “Ghost plane”, Snake Island, the man with the mine” stories created. But for a world full of cellphones we’re getting very little actual footage (I wrote this in the morning – a few atrocities are filtering through now) to substantiate the level of unprecedented international response.

“Putin is our fault but so are Trudeau, Arden and Macron”

“We’ve used Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia. Ukraine is the victim of our militancy. We’ve done the shouting, they get bombed.”

Some background you won’t see anywhere else