The Man with No Regrets: Volodymyr Zelenskiy


He used to be a comedian

And a voiceover artist

This video was made by the BBC while Zelenskiy was running for office. It handily explains his rise to the top, which occurred after a career as a comic.

There was that time on “Dancing with the Stars”


Then President Trump was acquitted in February 2020 after the House impeached him, alleging he held hostage hundreds of millions of dollars in security aid in order to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, including his eventual successor, Joe Biden. The aid was eventually provided, but not before a crisis that rattled two continents and desperate pleas by Zelenskiy’s government for help fending off the very Russian aggression that now threatens Ukraine. Under Trump, the U.S. delivered Javelin missiles and other arms to assist with the rebel republics, Donetsk and Luhansk, located in the rust-belt of Ukraine on the Russian border.

Being underestimated by the political elites at the Gray Lady

Eight days ago an op-ed on Ukraine’s Zelensky (sic) ran in the New York Times: “The Comedian-Turned-President is Seriously In Over His Head.”

It read:

The comic-turned-president surely never imagined the job would be quite so intense. First, he got tangled up in the impeachment of Donald Trump. Then he had to deal with the Covid pandemic. And now he’s facing the prospect of a full-scale invasion by Russia.

When Mr. Zelensky took power in Ukraine in 2019, converting his TV fame into a stellar political career, no one knew what to expect. His opponents said he was so inexperienced, he was bound to be a disaster. His supporters thought that he would break away from the old ways and end corruption. His harshest critics claimed that Mr. Zelensky, a Russian-speaking man born in eastern Ukraine, would all but sell the country off to Russia. Others said he was an oligarch puppet.

Yet the truth is more prosaic. Mr. Zelensky, the showman and performer, has been unmasked by reality. And it has revealed him to be dispiritingly mediocre.

Yeah, well go tell that to the Marines! Right now, this mediocre showman has changed the global political landscape, probably forever. The Germans have committed to giving weapons for the first time since the second World War. Their commitment to allocate 2% of their GDP to defense means that NATO is revitalized. The economic sanctions against Putin, the oligarchs and Russia are unprecedented. And so far, God willing, Ukraine has not lost a single city.

Imagine one of our political swamp doing this: