WATCH: Real Oil Workers Call Out Psaki On Big Lie to Americans


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says there are 9,000 unused oil permits approved, but oil workers say those sites are useless and that she is lying to Americans.

Republican congressional candidate Jan Kulmann, who worked in the energy industry for 23 years, said Psaki at a recent press briefing used “misdirection — a deliberate effort to mislead the public with a falsehood that sounds plausible.

Here’s how the exchange went with Psaki and a reporter on Thursday (emphasis added):

REPORTER: President Biden has hosted electric vehicle stakeholders here at the White House. Would he host oil and gas producers — the people who are the most affected by the Putin price hike?

PSAKI: Well, the oil and gas — I have nothing to preview or predict for you in terms of him hosting oil company executives.

REPORTER: Is he open to that?

PSAKI: I don’t have anything planned on the schedule for that front. But I will tell you that the President has been clear that he believes they have the tools they need — 9,000 unused permits. They have the capacity they need to go get more oil here in the United States, and he’d encourage them to do that.

“In the course of defending the Biden administration’s refusal to issue new oil and gas leases on federal land, Psaki said that there are over 9,000 unused leases already. So, why issue new ones?” Kulmann wrote at the Washington Examiner.