Putin Slams NWO Leaders. Zelensky drops clue about Aligned Goals.


We are a naturally suspicious bunch here at Self-Reliance Central. We all have bespoke tinfoil hats and we’re not afraid to put them on. After all we have been proved correct about mask efficiency, aerosol distribution of the virus, functionality of the V-shot, lockdowns and, weirdly, Brexit. We believe that the voter fraud that swung the 2020 election will also come to light. What next, Roswell?

Seriously though, while our inclination to lean into a conspiracy is legendary we do so because we look at facts not MSM reporting. We also view life through the prism of the New World Order/ UN/WHO/World Economic Forum cabal of elites who all think they know better than us how to run our lives.

So it’s interesting to note that President Zelensky of Ukraine is parroting the WEF line about Net Zero (he’s all good with his own Ukrainian nukes generating energy so he can afford to lecture other countries on oil and gas use), while President Putin is SLAMMING the WEF alumni in power around the globe.

Zelensky addressed the Danish parliament on Tuesday. He told them of Russia’s aggressions towards his people, including claims that they rape women and children. He claimed that 2,000 children have been deported to Russia and nobody knows exactly where they are.

Then, his speech took an unexpected turn. Immediately after telling of the horrors his people are facing at the hands of Russian troops, he started talking about climate change.

“Long before this war, it was clear that humanity should reduce the use of fossil fuels,” he said. “The era of coal and oil has caused huge damage to the environment, to our planet as a whole. Green technologies and green energy have become a logical and just answer to this challenge.”

We all know this is Klaus Schwab’s number one wet dream. To castrate the global economies by tying them into unsustainable “sustainable” energy options. As we all know here in the real world, solar and wind options are net-losers and will never be capable of generating enough energy for the world to function as it does now, and it’s only going forward because of political clout, massive subsidies and by ignoring the environmental costs of creating and installing these technologies.

This doesn’t stop Klaus’s acolytes.

Until recently everyone believed Vlad Putin was one of them. There are photos with him and Klaus Schwab together. But increasingly, the rumors are coming out that Putin was infiltrating the organization not joining it. He was banned from Davos this year – that’s the WEF’s annual gathering of the world’s elites in Switzerland – and it’s possible he takes all this rejection personally. As he looks around the world at the universal contempt, sanctions and criticism leveled at him he is fighting back at a visceral, personal level. Just look at what he has to say about these prime ministers, presidents and premiers. He is especially savage about Biden.

Yes, Putin is mad, bad and dangerous. He hated the encroachment of NATO allies into territory he falsely believes should still be Russian. He has attacked and murdered civilians in a sovereign nation. He is wrong and he is evil and he must be stopped.

But that does not make his enemy lily-white. Zelensky is the head of a country notable for its money laundering, human trafficking, kleptocracy, corruption and the Azov battalion of neo-Nazi racists. If he is now parroting the anti-human Net Zero bullshit from the World Economic Forum we need to scrutinize him closely – all the while rushing aid to the civilians who through no fault of their own are suffering intensely on his watch.