Generals To Ignore Putin’s Direct Nuke Order Because of This


Have Russians Suddenly Stopped Buying Putin’s Anti-USA Propaganda?

TV stations in Russia are government owned and constantly warn that a new war is on the horizon; against America and that Russia will bravely stand up to the West.

That message is increasingly falling on deaf ears. The population is waking up. The government’s watchdog threatened TV Rain and other Russian news outlets over their coverage of the war in Ukraine. The official communications and media regulator then blocked Russians’ access to TV Rain and independent radio station, Echo of Moscow.

In a quote from Christo Grozev, who is an expert on Russian affairs and is associated with the Bellingcat open source research group, many leading military and security officials as well as oligarch cronies believe Putin to be dying or gravely ill.

‘We watch [Putin] spasmodically clutching the corner of the table with his right arm during a meeting with [Defence Minister Sergei] Shoigu, he said.

‘And his jacket being too high and tight around his neck, his stumbling, limping gait… Is he sick, or do we just so much want him to be sick?’

Grozev said: ‘We also know that the Lubyanka [FSB secret service] sent a letter about a month ago to all regional FSB chiefs. It said: ‘If you hear about him having a very serious illness, we insist you do not pay attention’.