Dr. W.H.O. doubles down on masks, Dr. Death admits he was wrong but wants to go again.


Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the puppet in charge of the World Health Organization is hysterically announcing that said sub-variants of Omicron continue to drive new waves of cases, hospitalizations and deaths around the world. He wants to bring back lockdowns and other mandatory controls.

As with most variants, the strain has weakened. But its not stopping this shill for Big Pharma pushing us back to practicing pointless street theater like wearing masks, standing six feet apart and forcing us into lockdown.

Interesting New Zealand, a country with 85% vaccination and draconian lockdown rules is being ravaged by covid, proving yet again that natural immunity, exposure and protection of the vulnerable is the way to go. Jacinda Arland, the WEF alumna prime minister, whose response has a always been driven by the need to strip individuals of their rights, is making the same mistakes again and is currently embroiled in something called the “toilet wars”. How about this for insanity?

Jacinda Ardern is under pressure to bring in more control measures after calls to change New Zealand’s toilet laws. The current law says you are allowed to poop in public, as long as you believe you are not being watched. People who are unable to provide a reasonable explanation for thinking they were not being watched could face a fine of up to $200.

Oh, and while we’re in the topic of doctors let’s see what this little weasel is saying now. First here’s what he said back in the lockdown:

What Dr. Death says now. If you can’t see it was all a total waste of time, money and our kids’ futures, God help you.