Backpedaling so hard their wheels are gonna spin off!


Remember people lost their jobs, seniors perished, children are learning delayed and the economy is in the shitter because these people went with their egos and bank accounts, not science. Oh, and let’s not forget the valiant work of Senator Sr. Rand Paul who has been howling into the abyss over the mismanagement of the pandemic response.

Now Fauci and Birx are telling different stories. Birx now reveals that the 6-foot social distancing rule was made up on the fly, that their original advice on masks (that they don’t work) was true. Fauci, meanwhile, is regretting his God-like declarations and straight out denying he ever called for lockdowns. He’s unashamed and unrepentant, but he knows the shutdowns were a catastrophic mistake, so he’s trying to rewrite history.

And with the collapse of their narratives comes the recognition that the Democrats, and particularly the Biden Admnistration are just as culpable. As the WashExaminer says:

Biden called COVID a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Biden also said, “If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID.” Dr. Fauci, his chief medical adviser, said that if you get vaccinated, you’re not going to spread the virus to others. 

As time has shown, they were all wrong. 

Democrats have relayed incorrect information to the public for nearly 18 months. It is time their false statements were acknowledged. Biden, Fauci, and all the Democrats who vilified Americans who did not want to get vaccinated owe the country an apology after Dr. Birx’s recent comments about the COVID vaccines.

What are our chances of ever seeing them brought to justice? At least Fauci will be able to afford the very best legal counsel. Leaving aside his pharma money, his government pension will be over $530,000pa, that’s more than the president gets paid. Nice work if you can get it! And a spectacular waste of money on the man who has been wrong about everything from AIDS to Coronavirus.