LOL! Citizens for Sanity at Work Again!


A conservative organization called Citizens for Sanity is running ads that highlight the absurdity of woke left-wing ideology, including the ad above which appeared in the Philadelphia Tribune.

The group’s posts on Twitter indicate that its billboard ads include statements such as:

  • “Protect Pregnant Men from Climate Discrimination”
  • “Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive this November.” 
  • “Violent criminals deserve our compassion and respect. This fall, stand strong for progressive values.” 
  • “Vote to keep our borders, jails and bathrooms open. Vote progressive.” 
  • “Too much freedom is a bad thing. Get your IRS audit today.” 
  • “If you don’t like being audited then you’re the problem.” 
  • “Don’t let the radical right put our neighborhood street gangs 

Following the success of their billboard poster campaigns (video below) Citizens For Sanity has now released a new national ad “STOP THE SLAUGHTER!” It’s about woke leftist politicians transforming our cities into a hell of violence and death.

Here’s a bit more about their approach