Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part IX


Part 9 in our series where we report on post-pandemic issues of significance.

The man who always spoke out names names

Bought and paid for

The Chief Medical Officer of the UK changes his tune dramatically between the video below and his new call to “protect against Omicron.”

Are we waking up?

But the scales are falling from eyes everywhere as people realize they were scammed by the elites at central control (Gates Foundation, WHO, UN China WEF etc), cronyism (between Big Pharma, Big Tech and well placed Swamp creatures in the establishment), and, of course, the “useful idiots” in the media. Here is Kyrie Irving, a Nets superstar who refused to participate in the global mRNA experiment.

“No good studies showed closures averted deaths, and the harms dwarf any putative gains by orders of magnitude.”

Now there’s proof about the immense damage we inflicted through closures. Children especially suffers as school became all but inaccessible to non-elite kids. Keeping us dumb is their goal. They want unthinking serfs who can be controlled through popular media, cheap chemical food and mood enhancing pharmaceuticals. AI will replace thinking. They will just need some brute force occasionally.

This poor woman is speaking out.