Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part X💉💉💉 (Contains most shocking facts to-date)


What the Sam Hill is going on here? Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has reportedly handed yet another large dollar grant to the EcoHealth Alliance. Issued late last month, the grant is once again designed to fund the study of bat viruses.

This is a huge bombshell because of Fauci’s direct ties to EcoHealth Alliance, whose boss, Peter Daszak, is a close associate — one, in fact, who went viral a year ago after emails between him and Fauci were released publicly.

As the tweet below says, giving taxpayer money to EcoHealth to study pandemic prevention is like paying a suspected arsonist to conduct fire safety inspections.

Written in the spring of 2020, the emails showed Daszak thanking Fauci for downplaying the coronavirus lab leak theory that states the virus most likely emerged from an accidental leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Daszak cared deeply about this issue because he himself is tied to the institute. In fact, much of EcoHealth’s prior grant money has been funneled directly to the institute.

As previously reported, NIAID issued its first grant in 2014. EcoHealth Alliance then forwarded some of that money to the Wuhan institute. The problem is that the evidence suggests the money was then used to perform controversial “gain of function” research — the exact type of research that some suspect was responsible for COVID.

By the way, guess what the 2014 grant was specifically for …Yep…“Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” More at BizPac

Department of Defense

The Pentagon considered as far back as October 2021 offering service members the option of taking the FDA-approved vaccine versus the vaccine authorized for emergency use before facing any punishment, but ultimately decided against it, paving the way for thousands to be discharged from the military, according to documents obtained by Breitbart News.

This is bad news. Spike proteins found in brain of vaccinated man are attributed to💉not infection.

Law of unintended consequences – Falls Rise

Young people don’t get COVID, and the jab doesn’t prevent transmission so why do we bother?

The damage to this generation will be deep and long lasting