Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part 16


They used this serious lie to abolish the human rights of millions of citizens throughout the European Union and the world.

Watch as Pf*zer executive Janine Small (The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Albert Bourla chickened out of attending) admits to EU parliament that Pfizer did not test the v*ccine for preventing transmission of Covid prior to it being made available to the public. Small says, “We had to really move at the speed of science..we had to do everything at risk.”

The v*ccine was never tested on preventing transmission. This means the C*VID passport was based on a big lie.

Big Ph*rma filed for EUAs by arguing the C*vid shots stopped infection. Then they failed to speak up when politicians implemented v*ccine mandates based in part on the belief they stop transmission. A lie of omission is also a fraud. “Get v*ccinated for others” was always a lie.

It has been claimed that contract negotiations with Pfizer occurred outside normal processes (eg SMS text messages) and the EU Commission now refuses to provide documents relating to what is going on.

“As to whether a contract negotiation such as this contract which you referred to, 1.8 billion doses, was negotiated through an SMS, I can categorically tell you that would not be the case,” Janine Small, president of international developed markets at Pfizer, responded at the European Parliament’s special committee on C*VID-19 on Monday. “I know that because I was involved in all the negotiations and discussions from the very start in 2020,” Small said.

In an interview with the New York Times in April 2021, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen revealed she had exchanged texts with Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla for a month while the contract was under negotiation, prompting calls to publish the exchange.

The Commission said in June this year that it no longer had the texts, which later drew criticism from the European Union’s ombudswoman.

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