Calm Performance by GOP Tightens Senate Race in Ohio after “A$$-kissing” remark


Ohio Democrat candidate for senate Tim Ryan said we need leaders who “stand up to their own party,” – and instantly got slapped down by GOP candidate J.D. Vance. Ryan had tried to take a cheap shot at Vance, saying he “kissed” Trump’s behind. Vance didn’t let him get away with it.

In response, J.D. Vance, who the congressman is running against, said Ryan has been “caught on video kissing up to Chuck Schumer and begging him for a promotion to his next job.” [..]

“The last few congresses, Tim, you voted for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. 100 percent. You consistently tow the party line on every single issue.”


Republican J.D. Vance calmly demolished liberal Tim Ryan who had nothing but ad hominem attacks and progressive tropes to say. He blasted the Democrat for spending 20 years in D.C. but getting nothing done. Vance said about Ryan, “the record just isn’t there.” While Ryan was climbing the ladder of Congress and kowtowing to the Swamp People, Vance was serving in the United States Marine Corps.

And as for the abortion furore, Vance hammered back at Ryan’s accusations that Vance would have denied an abortion to a 12-year old who had been raped, by reminding him that by voting against border security every chance he got, he had let the rapist into the country.