Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part 18 (The Reckoning is Nigh)


If we can only elect a House full of warriors (yeah, I know) we could seriously get to the bottom of the entire gene therapy shot, the masking, the lockdowns, the adverse effects, the breastmilk pollution, the failure of education, the poverty, the starvation and the deaths – but US politics suck and the GOP is weak. So praying is all we can do. Meantime the evidence keeps on piling up and maybe, just maybe, a Massie-Rand push will bring about the Reckoning that’s so keenly needed in these desperate times.

Here is our MASSIVE weekly round-up of the scales falling from people’s eyes as the evidence surfaces from the global lockdown and erosion of freedom. Share with your skeptical friends. If the sheer mass of information doesn’t affect them, maybe the international reach will.