Update from Ukraine – Putin on the ropes


According to the BBC, all Russian troops have withdrawn from the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson and the surrounding area. This is apparently from Russia’s defense ministry.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published a map where the entire right bank of the Kherson region is not included in the territory controlled by Russian forces.

The Ukrainian Army entered the remaining areas of the western bank that were out of its control. During the last 48 hours Ukraine recovered 4790 sq Km of Kherson & Nikolaiv oblasts and now controls every territory west of the Dnieper river.

Twitter is revealing the truth of the claim.

Is this the end for Putin?

As the obviously sick Putin limps away from yet another retreat, it is now up to the oligarchs and the Russian generals to do the deed before Russian national security is permanently harmed. The Pentagon believes that he is suffering from ‘terminal bowel cancer’, and it is very clear that his previously chisled features are now ‘puffy’. The worry is that his terminal bad health could be a catalyst for nuclear war as the despot ‘wants to take the world with him’. Back in Moscow, the carrion is circling.