Chickens coming Home to Roost: Part 22 – Damaging Young Adults


This is terrifying. People were misled, medical ethics went out the window, and THEY KNEW! Watch this Tucker clip. It shows just how many serious, often terminal problems the mRNA gene therapy caused.

All those healthy young people dying?

Young, healthy, fit adults are more likely to be affected by the vaccine, as they have stronger immune systems which kick in very hard to fight the mRNA shot’s spike protein. The protein triggers a massive reaction, often damaging organs like the lungs and heart. Elderly people, with older, more compromised immune systems don’t react as dramatically and the internal battle doesn’t appear to do so much short-term harm (who knows about the longer term?). In fact, the Spanish flu of 1918 killed a disproportionate number of young healthy adults, the term for it in response to an actual viral infection is ‘cytokine storm’.

And it’s all around the world

Some countries are waking up to the threat that should have been predicted and trialled!

But the US wants to stick it to small kids