Did Biden’s lie to young voters sway the result?


As Tom Fitton over at the magnificent Judicial Watch just asked: Was Biden’s unlawful student debt scheme election interference?

After all, he promised it with just enough time for the campus GOTV schemes to fire themselves up, and for the usually politically illiterate twenty and thirty-somethings to hear about the free money coming from Uncle Joe. But of course, as the White House knew all along, the promise was undeliverable because it’s unconstitutional. Congress—not Joe Biden—controls the purse strings in America. Congress never passed any law that would eliminate student debt. Biden’s $400 billion student debt bailout plan was rightfully struck down by a federal judge. In his ruling, US District judge Mark Pittman sided with the Job Creators Network Foundation, who petitioned for a motion to end the program on the grounds that the government violated federal procedure.

And student debt wasn’t the only con trick:

Some other examples of Biden 2022 interference:

  • Selling strategic oil reserves to fake a price reduction in gas
  • Liaising with the Fed to create a fall in the inflation rate by manipulating interest rates
  • Mar-a-Lago raid on Trump over paperwork dispute
  • Dobbs opinion leak
  • FTX-Ukraine foreign aid scam that funded Dem campaigns