Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part 22 – Coming apart at the seams


As the grim truth of the pandemic emerges: that the figures were manipulated and the cure was worse than the disease we can see a number of agencies changing their stories and reinventing the past. Perfectly predictable to anyone who has ever read Orwell or Huxley.

Blessed be the truth tellers

People are waking up and asking questions

Fearing retaliation, some are doubling down

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) wants doctors to treat patients who are resistant to the Covid-19 vaccine with medication and psychotherapy.

A revised version of the CPSO’s website discusses managing “anxieties related to” the Covid-19 shot. 

“It is also important that physicians work with their patients to manage anxieties related to the vaccine and not enable avoidance behavior,” wrote the CPSO. 

“For example, for extreme fear of needles (trypanophobia) or other cases of serious concern, responsible use of prescription medications and/or referral to psychotherapy may be available options,” it continued. 

“Overall, physicians have a responsibility to allow their patients to be properly informed about vaccines and not have those anxieties empowered by an exemption.” 

Originally the page did not mention anything about concerns with receiving needles and only referred to “responsible use of prescription medications and/or referral to psychotherapy are available options.” 

At the height of the pandemic, the CPSO cracked down on doctors who dissented from the prevailing Covid-19 narrative at the time and voiced opposition to lockdowns or other pandemic measures.

Utterly predictable post midterm return to dictatorship