Chinese wave blank paper – Is this the beginning of the end for Xi?


At a protest rally in Beijing this week, a Chinese Communist Party official warned the gathering protestors not to be misguided by “foreign influence.” An angry protestor quipped back from the crowd, “by foreign influence do you mean Marx and Engels?” 

The police are encountering the biggest uprising since Tiananmen Square. But this time they may have a better chance of success. While XI Jinping recently seized all power in China, a former diplomat has warned that he will be ousted in a coup as he faces an unprecedented uprising. Roger Garside – author of China Coup: The Great Leap to Freedom – believes Xi Jinping will be overthrown by internal opponents within the Chinese Communist Party in a coup.

Last Thursday, a street protestor in the hinterland metropolis Chongqing eloquently addressed a cheering crowd, “there is only one type of disease in the world — lack of freedom and poverty. We have it both in China!” After he quoted Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death!” repeatedly, the police tried to arrest him, only to be repulsed by an angry crowd who promptly overwhelmed the fully armed police and rescued the protestor. NYPOST

The blank sheet of paper has become a symbol of resistance among those protesting Beijing’s COVID lockdown policies, showing up at protests across the nation.

Videos and photos circulated online show students across China holding up blank sheets of paper in silent protest — an effort to evade the country’s draconian censorship and surveillance laws which we covered here.